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This group has plenty of cheats,hints,tips,stats ect for scarface on all platforms including new wii version..

Group Founder: manchesr
Description: This amazing multi platform game available on ps2, xbox,psp,pc and the Wii this group is for us scarface gamers its full of tips,hints,info,secrets,cheats,stats and anything about scarface enjoy! Also post your own tips,secrets,hints,cheats ect this wapgroup also has a chatroom to discuss anything about scarface.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 47
Category: Games > General

Topics (6)

go Members groups! (1) manchesr
Ok put your groups in this post Grand theft auto 4: gonna blow everyone away got all the juicy details also cheats for x360 & playstation 3 the game is amazing!

go CHAT ROOM! [62] manchesr
machine_gun.gif SCARFACE CHAT! talkshow.gif NO SWEARING PLEASE! roflmao.gif

go Scarface cheats,tips (19) manchesr
welcome.gif All the cheats you need are listed here Enter TUNEME to unlock all music tracks.enter 666999 to get a lamborgini. enter OLDFAST to get a fast racing car. Enter MEDIK to refill ur health. ent...

go Scarface stats! [51] manchesr
Please put your stats in here where your up2 in the game thanks

go Ps2 collectorz edition (8) siknotez
Has anyone else got the ps2 scarface collectorz edition game?

go Your suggestions! (2) manchesr
idea.gif Please post ur suggestions for this group on here like polls,links,files anything really oh the poll is now up n running forgot to activate it lol oh and any links just put them in the links an...

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go What do you like about scarface?